Preview in a new tab

To open a folder or a file preview in a new window, hold down the Cmd or Ctrl key while clicking the file/folder name.

Browse S3 or GCS URLs

To browse an s3:// or gs:// path, simply append it to!

For example, to browse s3://giab/data/NA12878, go to

If you use a path that corresponds to a file, you will be redirected to its parent folder, where the file will be highlighted.

Command line

Download files from the command line

First, get the download URL by clicking the file's Copy download URL button. Then:

curl -O ""

You can replace wget in the command above if you don't have have curl on your machine.

The download URL can be programmatically infered without using the UI:

where cloudProvider is either s3, gs, or r2.

Using download URLs with bioinformatics tools

Some bioinformatics tools such as samtools and bcftools support URLs, so you don't need to download the entire file locally before running a query.

To subset a small region from a large .bam:

samtools view "" 11:93646751-93647750

To subset a small region from a large .vcf:

bcftools view "" chr18:50e6-60e6

These commands will automatically download the much smaller .bai or .tbi index files from 42basepairs into the current folder, so they can be used to download only a subset of the data.

Web developers

You can use 42basepairs download URLs in your web applications to fetch public genomics data from the front end, as the URLs are CORS-enabled.

Refer to the biowasm docs if you're interested in lazy-loading those download URLs, and running small analyses in the browser.