A better way to explore
your genomics data

Coming Soon

Browse your existing cloud data
Import public and private cloud buckets.
Browsing the public 1000genomes bucket.
A data viewer made for genomics
Declutter your view: The highlighted row groups .bam data, .bai index, and .bas stats.
Share data: Share links are also grouped, so you don't need separate URLs for indexes!
Browse metadata: Surface useful information stored in headers and index files.
Quality control: Run QC checks on the fly.
Preview your data: Here we randomly subsample a .bam without downloading the entire file.
Preview your data: Explore subsampled reads, and export them as a .sam file.
Preview your data: Preview variants from a .vcf file.
Preview your data: Randomly sample sequences from an indexed .fa file.
Collaborate in real-time
IGV.js interface: Tracks and cursor positions are synced in real-time.
Import files: Load files from your buckets into IGV so they can be explored by collaborators.